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Selected Projects

Database of projects that received the European Language Label selected by the NELLIP Network. The selection was made on the basis of the consistency of projects and initiatives with the current European political priorities in the field of language learning. The selection was carried out in close cooperation with the National Agencies in charge of the European Language Label.

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Alpen-Adria-Classes Austria 2007
CentroLING Austria 2007
Complementary study programme in Austrian Sign Language (ASL) Austria 2011
Content learning in several languages Austria 2008
Dynamo- Network for Facilitating Basic Qualifications and Graduation Diplomas for Young Adults as well as Integration in the Educational System and Employability Austria 2009
EdTWIN- Education Twinning, Heading for Excellence in the CENTROPE Region Austria 2010
First Aid in Czech – Czech for Emergency Services Austria 2009
From multimedia learning centre to a centre for multilingualism Austria 2007
I speak football-Learn a language 2008 Austria 2008
Language Consulting – Diversity and Multilingualism as Resources and Development Potentials Austria 2010
Language Education in the Language Institute of the Austrian Federal Army Austria 2009
Language for Healthcare – Healthcare without Borders Austria 2009
Language training for the police Austria 2008
Languages connect: learning together Austria 2007
Life Perspectives. Practised (Career) Orientation Austria 2011
Multilingual Teaching in Specialism Subjects Promotion of Languages with an Emphasis on Mothertongues Austria 2009
Pair work helps! Intercultural encounters in the new Europe Austria 2007
PH goes East, Faculty of Educational Sciences in Vienna Austria 2011
PLURILINGUALISM - The Present and Future of a United Europe Austria 2010
Self Access Centre for languages and music Austria 2007
Subject „German as a Second Language/as a Foreign Language taught in Schools of General Education at Higher Level Austria 2003
Talk and Listen to Me – Training Parents to Support their Children’s Early Language Learning in a Multilingual Context Austria 2010
Three hands Austria 2007
University Programme: Dual Language Programme (DLP) Austria 2006
Work Global, Speak Local! – Plurilingualism at the FH Kärnten (Carinthian University of Applied Sciences) Austria 2011 – Online-Plattform for the Exchange of Modular Teaching/Learning Units for Teaching Italian in Schools Austria 2006
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