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Selected Projects

Database of projects that received the European Language Label selected by the NELLIP Network. The selection was made on the basis of the consistency of projects and initiatives with the current European political priorities in the field of language learning. The selection was carried out in close cooperation with the National Agencies in charge of the European Language Label.

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ACSE - Atelier Cinema Scolaire Europea Romania 2004
Agricultural and environmental English Romania 2010
Amazing Europe Romania 2010
Architeaching Romania 2011
Arts & Crafts Romania 2009
Autonomous Language Learning Romania 2009
Autonomous Package Preschool Language Education (A. P. P. L. E. Project) Romania 2007
Axes Culturels Romania 2009
Batir une Europe Tolerante Romania 2004
Between the Lines Romania 2009
Crossing Cultures Through Multilingual Drama Activities Romania 2009
DOKEOS - Virtual Learning Environment Romania 2010
E3 - Eleve, education, Europe Romania 2008
eLancenet Romania 2004
Enhancement in Teaching and Learning Computers and Language Skills Romania 2009
EuroIntegrELP – Equal Chances to European Integration through the use of the European Language Portfolio Romania 2007
Europe, My Part of the World Romania 2007
European schools are democratic schools Romania 2010
Exploring Through Drama Romania 2002
Foreign Languages - Passport to the Modern World Romania 2009
Get Adults Make Events Romania 2011
Global Analysis of Health System Structure and Employability of Vet Systems in the European Health System Romania 2011
GTP - Global Teenagers Project Romania 2010
Healthy Eating Romania 2004
Healthy Eating and Physical Activities to Promote Learning for a Better Lifestyle Romania 2011
Healthy Lifestyle Romania 2007
Immigrants Past and Present. Towards Better Integration? Romania 2010
Improving European Pupils’ Communication Skills by means of New Technologies Romania 2010
Improving Professional and Language Skills of Auto Mechanics through Work Experience Abroad Romania 2009
IN-CLASS: International Communication and Language Assessment Romania 2011
INTEGRA - Migrants' Integrating Kit - Basic Language for Dealing with Financial Matters Romania 2012
InterAct - Developing New Basic Skills at the Working Place through the Use of Internet-based Problem Solving Role-Play Romania 2007
International School English Drama Festival Romania 2011
ISPY - Online Networking Platform for Language Learning Romania 2012
Le français par les techniques theatrales Romania 2004
Let's Become a Bilingual Family Romania 2011
Multimedia E-platform for the democratic learning of the foreign languages Romania 2010
Multimedia E-platform for the democratic learning of the foreign languages Romania 2010
Mythes, legends et contes de fees – moyen d’enrichir le language des jeunes et la connaissance de l’autre Romania 2007
New Ways in English Language Teaching Through Sharing Experiences Romania 2012
Preventing Drug Addiction Is Everybody's Problem Romania 2010
Putting Romania on the map Romania 2009
Quality Assurance for Schools and Teachers Romania 2002
REB Club Romania 2009
Research and Teacher Education for Business and Economics (EDU-RES) – the added value of lifelong learning and interdisciplinary networking Romania 2011
Roads to the Roots Romania 2010
Schüler E-Portfolios als Möglichkeiten zur Förderung von Schlüsselkompetenzen Romania 2010
Steps to the World Romania 2002
Take Shape Share: The European Repository Project Romania 2009
Take, Shape, Share Romania 2009
TOEIC Camp Europe Romania 2008
Together Romania 2010
Training Students for Agriculture Romania 2010
YOUNG – Bridges for the Future Romania 2011
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