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Selected Projects

Database of projects that received the European Language Label selected by the NELLIP Network. The selection was made on the basis of the consistency of projects and initiatives with the current European political priorities in the field of language learning. The selection was carried out in close cooperation with the National Agencies in charge of the European Language Label.

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A common language and culture project of Pello school, Finland and Pello skolan, Sweden (a pilot study of trilingual teaching) Finland 2005
Co-operation over Language Boundaries Finland 2001
Diversification of languages on offer in adult education in Rovaniemi Finland 2007
Diversification of the Languages on Offer Finland 1999
Early Swedish Language Immersion in Vaasa Finland 2005
Encouraging students to study German and Russian Finland 2007
Euro Senior Secondary School Finland 2001
Extensive Intensification of Language Teaching Finland 1999
Extensive Language Learning Programme Finland 2003
Internationalization of language teaching Finland 2007
Kiekuri Finland 2006
Kielireppu Finland 2011
Kielitivoli Finland 2011
Language circus Helsinki “Viehko” Finland 2012
Language clubs Finland 2009
Language skills by immersion Finland 2008
Learning Languages on Rails Finland 2003
Memory help Finland 2012
Motivation to Learn the Second National Language Finland 2001
Myllytonttu maailmalla - Teacher training school of Rauma Finland 2013
Nepenmäki comprehensive school Finland 2013
Northern-Ostrobotnian Network of Distance Learning Finland 2003
Opin avaimia/Keys of Learning/ Språknycklar Finland 2004
Place of work as a learning environment for Finnish Finland 2009
Pois nurkista Finland 2002
Raising the Quality of Language Teaching Finland 2003
Ready Study Go ahead (continued) Finland 2012
Ready Study Go! Linguistic cultural coaching in initial vocational education Finland 2008
Swedish for Foreigners Finland 2001
Teaching Chinese Finland 2010
The Golden Memories Hotel Finland 2004
Versatile Language Programme through Co-operation Finland 1999
Working and learning together; the ISO network as a support for learners and teachers of languages Finland 2006
YET (Youth, Europe and Theatre) Finland 2008
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