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Project Partners

Name of the organisation: KU TU Ltd.
Address: j.k. Sveta Troica 309A
Tel: +359 2 981 61 43
Web site:
Name of the contact person: Raya Stanachkova
Function: Project coordinator
Address: 52 Vitosha blvd., fl 4, apt 10
Tel: +359 2 981 61 43; +359 889 919 880
E-mail: [email protected]
Type of organisation:
  • Advertising agency
Fields of action:
  • Advertising and PR
  • European cooperation projects
KU TU Ltd. is a private company specialised in the field of advertising services and PR. It provides full advertising services to its customers – planning, design and realisation.

Important part of the company’s advertising activities is the planning and organisation of events like seminars, exhibitions, language campaigns. KU TU has gained extensive experience in the promotion of language learning through its participation in international projects funded under EU-programmes. It is focused on developing innovative products, materials and approaches for non-formal language education applicable to different target groups.

KU TU has stable experience in the management and realisation of projects as well as а wide network of business partners and associates. The company is a member of the European network EURORESO, which has participated in over 20 EU project under different programmes of the European Commission. In this respect KU TU has a strong basis for successful promotion and dissemination.

KU TU has promoted and coordinated 4 European cooperation projects focused mainly on less widely used and taught European languages; 2 of them are award-winning, having received the “European Language Label” for innovative projects (“SHOPLANG – The Shopping Language Game” (for 2008) and “Light Me Up! – Language Lessons for Abroad” (for 2010). Beside that, KU TU has participated also in other international projects and networks aiming at promoting opportunities for lifelong learning.
EXPERIENCE OF THE ORGANIZATION IN PREVIOUS EUROPEAN PROJECTS SHOPLANG – The Shopping Language Game (received European Language Label for 2008) - Aimed at promoting 6 less widely used and taught European languages (BG, GR, MT, LT, NL, SE) through the theme of shopping. The project used the informal environment of supermarkets in order to provoke people’s interest in learning the target languages. Main tool for achieving this goal were language campaigns organised at supermarkets in the partner countries, involving people in entertaining language games and activities based on the language information available in the supermarkets.

• Light Me Up! – Language Lessons for Abroad (received European Language Label for 2010) – Aimed at raising awareness of 5 LWUTL (BG, CZ, GR, NL, LT) in the context of travelling abroad. The partners established a network of 25 travel agencies in the 5 target countries in order to reach the end-users with the project’s main product – language sets for the road. Broad-scale promotional language events were also organised at the Tourism Fairs in the partner countries.

• Mission Possible: Chinese for Europeans – Aimed at promoting the benefits of language learning by raising awareness of and bringing the entirely distant Chinese language closer to Europeans. The project target group covers people whose everyday activities include direct or indirect relations with China. Language information in Chinese is being provided through specially developed "associative hieroglyph chains" included in bilingual conversational sets.

• SHOPLANG 2.0 – The Shopping Language Game – Continuation of the SHOPLANG project. Four new target languages were added (PL, PT, RO, SL). New activities were added in order to extend the impact range also into other target groups.

• ENLL: Never Late to Learn – A network aimed at sharing knowledge and disseminating good practices for learning in later life and intergenerational learning amongst various adult education providers.

• ACT! Active & Responsible Citizen = Flourishing Future Society – Aimed at reaching active community members who want, can and have what to say, are ready to take actions on issues they care about and through their activities inspire other members of the local community to act.
EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE OF THE ORGANIZATION IN THE PROJECT’S SUBJECT AREA KU TU Ltd. has coordinated and participated in several cooperation projects and networks aimed at promoting learning opportunities. All of them included as an important activity research of good practices in the fields concerned and creation of resource databases to support the achievement of the project goals.
CONTRIBUTIONS THAT CAN BE PROVIDED TO THE PROJECT KU TU Ltd. has coordinated 2 projects awarded with the European Language Label. It will contribute with its experience gained from the awarded projects as well as from others in which the company has participated.
REASONS OF INVOLVEMENT IN THE PROJECT KU TU Ltd. considers the NELLIP project a great opportunity for exchange of experience and good practices in the field of language learning.
CONTACT PERSON’S EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE Raya Stanachkova is a bachelor in International Affairs and a Master in International Political Relations and Security from the Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”.

Raya is currently a project coordinator at the Bulgarian advertising agency KU TU Ltd. which is involved in European cooperation projects under programmes of the European Commission (Socrates/Lingua, Grundtvig, Lifelong Learning, etc.).

Over the past 6 years Raya has gained extensive experience in coordinating and managing international projects with multi-actor consortia from over 20 European countries. Raya has coordinated 4 successful projects on European level focused mainly on language promotion and in particular on the promotion of less widely used and taught languages; 2 of them are award-winning, having received the “European Language Label” for innovative projects – “SHOPLANG – The Shopping Language Game” and “Light Me Up! – Language Lessons for Abroad”.

Raya is a specialist in data processing and information development. She speaks 4 languages.
21 December 2014

Audio- video presentation of the NELLIP project

An audio- video presentation of the NELLIP project has been created and made available in the Information section of the NELLIP portal. To access the presentation please click here: