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Writing your own Spanish Dictionary as a Collaborative Task

Business students at the University of Newcastle taking Spanish as beginners have been working together to identify language which is a priority for their course and record it as a dictionary on a wiki. The students choose the language they see as being of high value to their needs, and develop their wiki dictionary entries (available remotely) in their own time using a template. Vocabulary can be found within the course materials or anywhere else. Students share their work on the wiki to improve, complete, or modify each other’s entries. All contributions are checked by the tutor for accuracy and suggestions are made to improve entries.

Consistency with the European policies in the field of language learning

  • enhancement of quality of language teaching
  • promotion of multilingualism
  • promotion of language learning for specific purposes
  • promotion of recognition and validation of language skills acquired through non formal and informal education
United Kingdom
Target Language
Educational Sector
Higher Education
Vocational Education and Training

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21 December 2014

Audio- video presentation of the NELLIP project

An audio- video presentation of the NELLIP project has been created and made available in the Information section of the NELLIP portal. To access the presentation please click here: