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The Icelandic Village

The Icelandic Village offers the chance to learn Icelandic as a second language at the University of Iceland in an innovative way. The Icelandic Village can be found in several businesses at the University Campus as well as in downtown Reykjavik: in a café, in a book store, in a bakery, in a swimming pool and in a library. The students prepare in a classroom before going to the Icelandic Village to do their daily life business. The staff in the participating companies welcomes them and ensures t... Click here for more details

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Consistency with the European policies in the field of language learning

  • enhancement of quality of language teaching
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21 December 2014

Audio- video presentation of the NELLIP project

An audio- video presentation of the NELLIP project has been created and made available in the Information section of the NELLIP portal. To access the presentation please click here: