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The Spanish Classroom

Learning Spanish in grade 7-9 (13-16 years old) in the lower secondary school by working in virtual classrooms. Teaching is based on ICT programme Fronter Virtual Classroom. The students make their homework online. They have access to newpapers, radio and tv in Spanish on line. The Students can find listening comprehension exercises and listen to Spanish music in their computers.

Full Description

The project is built on the ideas that by making use of computers and the Internet in language teaching can reach young people through their own world. Computer management is great amongst young people, and working with books for them seems out of date and old fashioned.

To raise the interest and creativity among the students was the idea when Clara Ulloa at Lundåkerskolan in GislavedI started working with Fronter, a program with simple tools that increase the opportunities for a varied language learning. With Fronter she created the Spanish Room, a virtual classroom where the program itself and the internet and its endless possibilities has been exploited to a maximum.

Students can sit and do homework right on their computer, and have access to links to newspapers and magazines in Spanish, to various radio and TV stations and to dictionaries on the Internet. In the program itself, they can also solve problems related to different sites on the Internet, such as newspaper articles and film clips. They can practice listening comprehension by listening to the latest in the Spanish pop music or news broadcasting.

This constant contact with Spain and the Latin American world makes the language appear more real and it will be more motivating for students to learn the language. As the students always have the option to choose the level of the exercises teaching can be provided on an individual level.

Contact details of the promoter

Clara Ulloa
Södra Storgatan 45
332 33 Gislaved, Sweden
Telefon: 0371-81987
Fax: 0371-511559
[email protected]

Consistency with the European policies in the field of language learning

  • enhancement of quality of language teaching
  • promotion of new approaches to language teaching and learning
  • supporting mobility for language learning
  • focus on the development of tools for monitoring progresses in the field of language learning
Target Language
Educational Sector
School Education

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21 December 2014

Audio- video presentation of the NELLIP project

An audio- video presentation of the NELLIP project has been created and made available in the Information section of the NELLIP portal. To access the presentation please click here: