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basic information

Title of the Project
Multimedia Course “Bulgarian for Foreigners”
Brief description
Multimedia Course “Bulgarian for Foreigners” is an interactive multimedia course for learning Bulgarian as a foreign language, designed in six versions, to be used for self-study, as well as for group study with a teacher. The set contains: DVD and user’s guide. The course is adapted in six languages – English, German, French, Czech, Dutch and Bulgarian and covers linguistic competence levels from A1 to B2 as per CEFR. Its varied topics make it ideal for learners from many walks of life – from the tourist to the businessman and diplomat, while the authentic materials and the enhanced linguistic information makes it suitable for university students of Bulgarian, as well as for other professional linguists.
Target Language
Transversal (more sectors addressed)
Further Information



The multimedia course “Bulgarian for Foreigners” is directed at young people and adults who wish to learn Bulgarian mainly for communication purposes. Its rich thematic diversity makes the course attractive for various target groups – from tourists to businessmen and diplomats. Furthermore, the authentic materials and provided language information make it also suitable for students of Bulgarian studies and specialists. Because of its multimedia format “Bulgarian for Foreigners” is applicable for individual as well as group language learning. The target language is Bulgarian (adapted for natives of English, German, French, Czech, Dutch).


- To promote the benefits of language learning
- To develop an interactive multimedia course for learning Bulgarian as a foreign language, in 6 editions, for individual or group language learning


- “Bulgarian for Foreigners” is developed in 6 language versions and it covers language levels from A1 to B2 according to the Common European Frameworks of Reference for languages.
- The course gives possibility for individual learning and direct access to information during the entire learning process. Each user can determine the learning intensity alone.
- The course can be adapted to each user’s individual learning style
- Additional information is provided through links (grammatical, lexical and sociocultural)
- The course is dynamic and interactive. It gives the learners the opportunity to interpret oral and written speech as well as perform self-monitoring and self-evaluation at all time.


The multimedia course “Bulgarian for Foreigners” is developed in 6 versions – English, German, French, Czech, Dutch and Bulgarian. The set contains a DVD and a manual for use.
The learning programme includes:
- 24 learning units
- 8 revision units
- Video film (8 episodes), video script
- 8 texts
- Dictionary
- Grammatical link
- Lexical link
- Sociocultural link

Why the European Language Label?

The motivation for applying for the European Language Label was based on the success of the project and the opportunity to further disseminate the outcomes through the award.

Activities following the award of the European Language Label

The course continued to be used also after the project end. It contains potential for the development of further language versions and respectively to have impact on much broader target groups.

Assessment of the Impact of the European Language Label

The European Language Label award provided sustainable dissemination of the project as well as recognition of the quality of the product.

Recommendations for future applicants for the ELL

The application for European Language Label should focus on the achieved results during the lifetime of the project and provide plans for further exploitation of the products.


Consistency with European Policies in the field of Language Learning

The project is in consistency with the European priorities in the field of language learning because it's aimed at enhancement of the quality of language teaching, promotion of new approaches to language teaching and learning as well as implementation of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).



The project was selected based on the quality of its results, its multilingual character and the potential broader impact on various target groups.

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21 December 2014

Audio- video presentation of the NELLIP project

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