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Drama as a Teaching Method

The aim of this project is to present drama as a technique in foreign language teaching and to promote cultural initiative and mutual knowledge among the students from 3 European secondary schools. Through drama students are encouraged to free thinking and creativity. The project was started in 2001 and consists of 2 stages. The first stage of the project (2001-2003) was carried out in Grobina secondary school. During the first year short sketches were shown in English. Then the students made the first attempt to write their own plays. In 2003 plays were staged already in 3 languages – English, German and Russian and 4 authors participated in the young playwrights’ competition. During the 2003/2004 one more language – French will be included in the Theatre show. During the second stage (2004-2005) the project will be added a further innovative aspect and it will become an international cooperation of 3 European schools – Strand secondary school in Rogaland Kommune in Norway, Dassow Secondary school in Germanu and Grobina secondary school in Latvia. In 2004 the partners will organize Theatre day in their schools and discuss the results in a videoconference. In 2005 we plan to meet in International Drama camp and publish a collection of young authors’ plays. One more language – Norwegian will be included in project.

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Consistency with the European policies in the field of language learning

  • promotion of new approaches to language teaching and learning
  • promotion of multilingualism
Target Language
English, French, German, Latvian, Other, Norwegian
Educational Sector
School Education

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21 December 2014

Audio- video presentation of the NELLIP project

An audio- video presentation of the NELLIP project has been created and made available in the Information section of the NELLIP portal. To access the presentation please click here: