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basic information

Title of the Project
CLIL for Mainstream Teachers in the Post Primary Classroom
Brief description
The project makes the curriculum more accessible and inclusive for English as an Additional Language Learners. Support for EAL students consists of two years’ language support from date of arrival in Ireland. Some CDVEC schools can have up to a quarter of the school population with varying EAL language needs. Fewer migrant students can now access the expertise of trained Language Support teachers. Subject specialist teachers with little or no language teaching background are trained to play their part in meeting the needs of international learners.
Target Language
Adult Education
Further Information




This has been a significant and important initiative in developing access to teaching of English as a second language and in developing competence. The relevance of the project and its results has assumed greater importance with the impact of the economic crisis and the cuts in provision for English as an additional language in schools.

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Date: 2014.10.17

Posted by Patrick Price (Ireland)

Message: A creative solution to the reduction of a much needed service for immigrants. This project highlights the need for teachers to reach all students and not to take their English language skills for granted. Teachers might be native English speakers but that does not mean that they know how to communicate effectively.

Date: 2014.07.01

Posted by Carlo Emanuele Buscaglia (Italy)

Message: I discovered the project trough a friend of mine (teacher in an Irish School)during my lat holidays in Ireland. I liked the aim of the project in supporting specialist teachers with no lamguage teaching background. I would like a similar project in Italian schools too.

21 December 2014

Audio- video presentation of the NELLIP project

An audio- video presentation of the NELLIP project has been created and made available in the Information section of the NELLIP portal. To access the presentation please click here: