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basic information

Title of the Project
Lingua Consult
Brief description
The TV show “Lingua consult” is an educational project in the form of provision of consultations on various matters related to the learning of foreign languages. It targets people with different level of language knowledge as well as teachers. Each show is a complete product, whose topics are linguistic and "culturological" cases. The project aims at: assisting in the realisation of national priorities in the field of foreign language learning and mass foreign language training; assisting in the development of intercultural connections as well as in forming a sense of European belonging of the Bulgarian population; assisting in enhancing the quality of knowledge and skills of the foreign language learners; assisting in enhancing the qualifications of the foreign language teachers; encouraging the foreign language learners towards independent learning through usage of new technologies.
Target Language
Adult Education
Transversal (more sectors addressed)
Further Information



The Lingua Consult TV Series is an educational project of the European Centre for Education and Training (ECET ), Europe Schools and the European Channel for Education and Training (ECET TV). The series is realized in the form of consultations on various issues encountered during the process of learning foreign languages. It is directed towards a target group of people who have studied, are studying ot wish to study foreign languages as well as towards foreign-language teachers. The series deals with concrete problems which the learners encounter when they learn or use a foreign language. Consultations are given on questions and specific cases which are not usually a subject to the traditional education in foreign languages.


- Contributes to the fulfillment of the national priorities in the field of learning foreign languages;
- Contributes to the improvement of language skills and quality of the language-learning process
- Contributes to the enhancement of the qualification of foreign-language teachers
- Encourages the learning of foreign languages through the use of new technologies
- Contributes to the process of lifelong learning through promoting the advantages of learning foreign languages


Lingua Consult steps out of the conventional frames of language courses for TV. Each edition is a complete product which deals with language and cultural cases which makes its format and content unique.
The problems are grouped in different rubrics linked logically which makes Lingua Consult interesting and easy to watch, and the materials it focuses on – accessible to a broad group of users regardless of the stage of their education and the level of their knowledge.


The development of the Lingua Consult project began in 2002 and it was first aired in January 2003. Within a short period of time over 25 editions have been prepared which were aired in 50 cities in Bulgaria with about 800,000 viewers.
The Lingua Consult project could be realised in every European country, for every target and source language.

Why the European Language Label?

The project coordinator, ECET, outlined the following motivation for applying for the European Language Label:
- Better visibility of the institution
- Better visibility of the product
- More credibility for the institution
- More credibility for the product
Methodology for applying for the Label:
- Through the National Agency
- Consultation with experts on whether the products is:
a) fit for purpose, and
b)fit for use
- Provisional testing and piloting of the product with the end users, collection of feedback and improvement
- Proven innovative character and methodological compliance of the product
- Proven applicability and implementation of the product
- Proven sustainability of the product
- Available resources for the above
The initial expectations were met.

Activities following the award of the European Language Label

All types of promotional techniques to make the product both visible and usable by the end users via promo materials, websites, facebook and other social media, tasters offered via media.
Ensured free access to the general public.
Implementation into the training curricula and programmes.

Assessment of the Impact of the European Language Label

- Better visibility of the institution
- Better visibility of the product
- More credibility for the institution
- More credibility for the product
- Implementation of the product into the training curricula and programmes
- Wider use of the product

Recommendations for future applicants for the ELL

ECET's recommendations for future applicants cover:
- Applying innovative methodology
- Applying innovative ICT tools
- Planning for implementation
- Initial consultations with experts and intermediate piloting and testing of the product
- Planning for wider use, and success of the product, and sustainability


Consistency with European Policies in the field of Language Learning

Lingua Consult addresses the European polivies in the field of language learning because it's aimed at enhancement of the quality of language teaching, promotion of new approaches to language teaching and learning and focuses on teacher training.



The project was chosen based on it's innovative character, results and stable potential for continuation of the activities and sustainability of the results.

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21 December 2014

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